Headlight Installation Guide DIY

Headlight Removal and Installation DIY

 *Note: Follow this guide at your own risk.  We are not liable for any damages to yourself, your property, or any other damages.

1.       Make sure the engine is not hot and open the hood.  Look behind the headlights to see how they are screwed or attached to the vehicle.
2.       Disconnect all of the electric connections on the back of the headlights, making sure you note where the plugs are going to.  Remove all bulbs without touching the glass on the bulbs to ensure that bulbs do not get damaged.
3.       Look around the back of the headlights and note the type of screws or retainers used to hold the headlights on the car.  Next, gather the correct tools and remove all of the mounting screws or retainers.  Make sure that headlights are loose, but make sure they don’t drop or fall. 
4.       On some applications, it may require you to remove the front bumper or the front grille to gain access to your screws or retainers.  Be careful to note the exact positions of the screws and retainers – it may be a good idea to label the screws or see where they go.
5.       Remove the headlights.  At this point, you should be able to slide the headlights out of their location simply by pulling them out.
6.       Examine the replacement headlights.  Make sure the headlights you have purchased are for your vehicle and that they will fit.
7.       Fasten the new headlight to your vehicle using the hardware removed from your factory headlights.  Don’t fully fasten the headlights to the car until you have tested both sides to ensure that they are working correctly.
8.       Connect all the bulbs and wiring to ensure that you have a strong connection electrically.
9.       You are done. Please make sure everything is nice tight.  You will probably also have to align your headlights using the alignment screws that are on the headlights.



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